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I would like my child to attend a program but it's their first time with YLV, what do I need to do?

If your child has never attended one of our programs first you'll need to enrol them with us. You can enrol online, or fill out a printable form to email/hand in to the YLV Program Educator (details are available on our Enrolment Page).

Please Note: To complete enrolment successfully, we'll need all relevant medical documents, allergy details, court and custody orders and any other important information that will assist us with providing your child the safest and best experience possible.

My child is already enrolled; do I need to re-enrol them to make a new booking?

If your child is already enrolled with us you can use the quick and easy Booking Form to make a new booking (please note, there is a separate form for Vacation Care bookings).

How do I change my booking?

Please feel free to Contact Us regarding booking changes, or simply fill out the online booking form (see above) and tick the box that indicates you would like to update your booking.

What should my child take with them to any of our programs? (Standard program requirements):

We care about sun safety and are proud supporters of the SunSmart initiative; we also encourage outdoor play whenever possible. Please ensure your child has a legionnaires hat or a broad brim hat (which must be worn seasonally from the start of term four, until the 1st of May). Additionally please provide your child with a filled drink bottle and any required medication before they attend any of our programs.

To provide your child with the best experience, non-restrictive, servicable, easy to wash clothing is recommended. We also recommend your child's shoes allow them the freedom to run, climb, hop and jump as well as being easy for your child to take on and off.

Please Note: Sunblock is provided and applied at our programs with your permission; however feel free to provide your child with their own sunblock if they have a preferred brand.

Does my child need to take anything specific to OSHC (Outside School Hours Care)?

Other than the standard program requirements (please see above) you can relax knowing that your children will have a great start to the day as we offer breakfast in the morning and a healthy snack in the afternoon (water and fruit is always available).

Does my child need to take anything specific to Vacation Care?

Other than the standard program requirements (please see above), to ensure your child has the best experience in Vacation Care, please provide your child with a packed lunch and healthy snacks for morning and afternoon tea, and a refillable water bottle.

When does OSHC run?

Before school care runs for a minimum of 2 hours before school starts.
After school care runs for 3 hours after the school bell rings.

When does Vacation care run?

Vacation care schedules are available on the Vacation Care section of our website and vary from program to program, please check the schedule relevant to your school for more information.

Do you provide homework time?

Yes, all of our OSHC programs offer optional time to work on homework.

Do you provide structured activities at OSHC?

Yes, we provide a range of structured activities each week which are displayed in each program and are available for parents to see (please ask your YLV Program Educator for more details).

Are programs charged hourly or by the session?

Each program is charged by the session, e.g. Before School Care is counted as one session, After School Care is counted as one session, and a day of Vacation is counted as one session.

My partner and I are separated, is it possible to have separate accounts for my child?

Yes, it is possible to have separate accounts, but in incidents where partners are separated each partner will need to enrol separately.

Can a YLV Program Educator administer medication to my child?

We can administer medication to your child provided the medication is clearly labled and you give permission on the enrolment form.

My child is not immunised, can they still attend YLV programs?

Your child can still attend but they will not be eligible to receive CCB and CCR rebates under the No Jab No Pay government requirements. If your child becomes ill they will be excluded from the program until they are well, you'll also need to provide a medical certificate stating they have recovered.

Click Here for more info on No Jab No Pay Information

What are the rules for collecting my child from OSHC or Vacation Care?

Any person nominated from the enrolment form can pick up your child (this includes emergency contacts). Please advise us of any court orders that may be in place, if a court order is breached parents will be contacted immediately and police will be called to the program premises.

Please Note: Without a court order, we cannot stop a parent from collecting a child.

Am I entitled to the Child Care Subsidy?

To find out if you are entitled to the Child Care Subsidy, please call the Family Assistance Office on: 136 150
Alternatively you can visit the Department of Human Services website.

If you would like to know more, please contact your YLV Program Educator or contact our admin team directly.

For more information please see the latest YLV Handbook.
View the General Parent Handbook online or ask your YLV Program Educator for a copy specific to your program.